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Caring, sharing & learning together

Sharing, Caring and Learning Together


We recognise the importance of making a smooth transition to nursery & from nursery to primary school and actively work with children, parents and other schools to do this.

We ensure that concerns are listened to and addressed, appropriate support is given and that information is shared so that supportive strategies can be continued and appropriate provision and planning made when the child begins at their new school. This may include:

• Pre nursery visits

• Discussions with parents

• Discussions with children

• Using key worker and parental observations of the child

• Supportive strategies and tangible aids for the child (e.g. photo book)

• Sharing information with the receiving school

• Transition planning meeting with all involved

• Seeking advice from other supportive agencies

• School staff visiting the child in the nursery

• Additional visits to the receiving school

• Supportive advice for parents