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Caring, sharing & learning together

Sharing, Caring and Learning Together

Snacks and Meals


Children’s well-being, learning and development is important. In addition to our play based curriculum we give the opportunity for children to eat healthy snacks as part of our daily routine. Snacks not only help children to be ready to learn, but also provide a great opportunity for children to sit and socialise with friends, and to develop their independence.

To enable us to continue to offer snacks at nursery, we ask parents for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of it (£1 per week). Donations are made to the school office. This is a voluntary contribution and there is no expectation that you must pay. Your child will not be excluded from snack if a contribution is not made on their behalf.


Lunchclub is provided for our children who are full time and stay all day. It bridges the end part of the morning session with the beginning of the afternoon session. This can be a busy time at the nursery because it coincides with other children leaving and arriving with their parents, so it is essential that we create a family atmosphere that is calm and relaxed for our lunchclub children.

The children get settled at lunchclub before the end of the morning session to enable a smooth transition. We use a separate room away from the hustle and bustle of the classroom that is used specifically for lunchclub. We have large, sociable tables set up with table cloths and an adjoining quiet activity area with cushions, books and other familiar things from home for the children to enjoy after they have finished eating. The adults support, sit and engage with the children. They model polite behaviour using quiet voices and a warm, friendly approach that is open and relaxed. This is essential for maintaining a calm and unhurried atmosphere.

We believe that lunchtime is an important part of the day for our children. They can recharge and reenergise in an unrushed manner and in a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, it offers some fantastic alternative learning opportunities too. These include; self-help skills when getting ready for lunch or it clearing away, mathematical competencies when helping to set up tables, independence when eating lunch, as well as other behavioural, social and communication skills associated with these times.

We place a high priority on children’s well-being and this extends to their general health. As such, we encourage healthy lunchboxes and provide guidance to parents on appropriate things to pack for their children’s lunches. We also offer the opportunity for the children to brush their teeth after eating to supplement and support what parents are already doing at home to develop healthy habits for life with their children early on. Finally, following the mealtime, children can play outside interacting with the other children and adults before entering classroom activities and gradually being joined by the other afternoon children.