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Caring, sharing & learning together

Sharing, Caring and Learning Together

Attendance and Punctuality

We believe it is important for your child to attend every day, be dropped off and picked up at the time requested. Sometimes, life happens and you’re running late at home time or need someone else to pick up your child. Let us know in these circumstances and we can reassure your child and prevent worry. It also means time isn’t wasted verifying who is picking up, causing delay in your child going home.

Once children settle at nursery they want to come every day and if they cannot for any reason are often upset and disappointed. Regular attendance will enable your child to have a routine that gives them a sense of security, reduces any anxiety and boosts their well-being. This means they are likely to be more confident and happier at nursery, having the best chance of success in their learning.

Bringing your child on time will help them to get the most out of their session at nursery, make it easier for them to form relationships with staff, make friends and not miss out on vital learning experiences and skill development opportunities.

As a parent, if you arrive on time it gives you the chance to bring your child to the homebase and help them settle before you leave, giving you piece of mind that they are happy and set up for their day. If you arrive late, this may not be possible and you may be required to wait until a designated time when the doors can be opened. This can cause delays, frustration and add to stress for you and your child, so is best avoided.

Of course, there will be times when you have done your best to get to nursery on time, but unforeseen circumstances or events get in your way that are out of your control. This can be annoying when it happens, but unfortunately is just part of life and something we have to accept.

Keeping children safe that are in our care and maintaining their well-being is of the upmost importance to us. It is not in the best interests of the children already in the classes to have their learning time frequently interrupted with people coming and going, nor is it possible for staff to repeatedly leave the class as they have a duty of care to the children with them. As such, we have limited the drop off to fixed times only, after initial registration has closed at 8.45am and 12.45pm. This reduces the disruptions to the children and staff learning and working in the classrooms. It also minimises risk with fewer people entering and leaving through the nursery door at different times. Please do not embarrass staff or expect them to compromise child safety by requesting or attempting to enter the nursery classroom area other than at the designated times.

If you are required to wait when you arrive, you and your child are welcome to do so in the parent area. Here we have comfortable seats and a range of children’s books on offer for you to use until it is appropriate for your child to join the class. This gives you the opportunity to have a few quiet, relaxing moments with your child and allows them to then start their nursery session feeling calm and ready to learn.

If there is a special reason you need to pick up early, let us know in advance so we can prepare your child and be ready for you when you arrive.