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Caring, sharing & learning together

Sharing, Caring and Learning Together

Aims and Vision

Our Mission, Values and Aims


To work together to support the development of happy and engaged children who become independent thinkers and learners, growing to be fulfilled adults and responsible citizens.


  • Community – Every person connects to everyone and everything else.
  • Nurture – Encouragers instead of critics.
  • Empowerment – Be yourself and the best you can be.
  • Adventure – Nothing ventured, nothing gained.



  • Everyone is appreciated, respected and treated with equity.
  • To cultivate effective partnerships that welcome connection and collaboration.


  • Sensitive adults who foster warm trusting relationships with the children through their positivity, openness and genuine interest.
  • To support children to feel happy, safe, emotionally secure in the nursery environment and ready to learn.


  • To develop in each child a sense of their own value and self-belief enabling them to become confident individuals.
  • To encourage a spirit of independence, ownership and responsibility.


  • Broaden horizons and raise aspiration through challenging, relevant and authentic experiences with high quality learning opportunities in play.
  • Ignite a spirit of joyful curiosity leading to enquiry, investigation and discovery guided by knowledgeable and responsive adults.