Story Sacks

Story sacks encourage a life long love of books.

The sacks contain:

  • A good quality story book.
  • A fact based book, related to the story.
  • Props that children can use to retell the story & make up their own.
  • A game related to the story
  • An audio story
  • Information about using the story sack with your child.

Sacks are borrowed for a week. They are designed to be shared with an adult, providing some intimate time together.

There is no ‘wrong’ way to use the story sack & families often tell us that they are great fun & help the children to settle at bedtime.

Some children enjoy sharing their story sack with grandparents & other family members.

Others pretend to be ‘teacher’, with the whole family as their class, listening to the child retelling the story.

Best of all Story sacks are FUN

We have a wide selection of story sacks, including traditional tales, popular modern stories & books about festivals.