Our Aims

Slough Centre Nursery School aims to provide a curriculum which offers a broad & balanced range of experiences relevant to the child’s whole development, paying particular regard to Personal, Emotional & Social development (PSED), Communication & Language (C&L) & Physical Development (PD).

We recognise that children learn in different ways & that each child’s needs are important.


  • We aim to work in partnerships with parents to achieve our aims.
  • We aim to ensure a secure foundation for each child’s future education.
  • We aim to help each child to value differences between us with respect & understanding.
  • We aim to ensure each child makes good progress.
  • We aim to meet any additional needs of the child to enable them to benefit fully from opportunities provided.
  • We aim to provide opportunities to make friends, share & care for each other.
  • We aim to provide equality of opportunity to ensure each child is included & supported appropriately.
  • We aim to work with other professionals to ensure every child’s needs are met.
  • We aim to encourage trust, self-confidence, independence & control, to enable each child to develop a positive attitude to learning.
  • We aim to provide opportunities to play & explore, inside & out.
  • We aim to motivate children by providing an interesting & challenging environment.
  • We aim to support children’s learning by following their lead.
  • We aim to support parents to support their child’s learning.