"Eco-schools is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a simple framework to help make sustainability an important part of school life. Eco-Schools can help enhance the curriculum and get the whole school united behind something important. Our mission is to help make every school in the country sustainable and to bring about behaviour change in young people and those connected to them so that good habits learned in schools are followed through into homes and communities. What's more, by addressing environmental issues in school and reducing waste, they'll save money, which can be reinvested elsewhere."

Taken from Eco-Schools website, September 2012

Slough Centre Nursery has recently been awarded a Silver Eco-Schools certificate for the children’s and staff’s hard work on eco issues. Topics and projects have included: Developing a vegetable and flower garden, recycling, forming an eco-committee, creating an eco motto and song. This year we will proudly maintain our Silver award by continuing to involve the whole school and parents in looking after planet earth, our nursery and each other whilst having fun!

  “We Eco team.”Aryan                       “We got to water it so they can grow.” Jai

              “It can get bigger now.” Maya             “The flowers are growing.”Zakria 

                                      “The water coming fast. So many bubbles.”Ramneet  

Eco Committee Members            


Eco School Topics
 Month Topic 
October Becoming familiar with environment and each other 
 JanuaryLooking after our nursery 
 FebruaryBird watching 
 MarchRecycling - waste week 7th-11 March
 April / MayPlanting and growing 
 JulyHarvesting what we have grown