About Us


We are located on Buckingham Avenue East, behind the Centre on the Farnham Road. The school is purpose built and self contained with its own drive and entrance. It is on the edge of Slough Trading Estate. We have a culturally rich and diverse pupil population in terms of race, ethnicity, ability & educational needs. A wide variety of different languages are spoken by the children and their parents.

The school was purpose built in 1937 and is a low wooden bungalow with a large veranda at the rear. There is one large, open plan teaching area divided into three smaller areas. These areas are divided into resource areas covering the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. In the garden there is an exciting, large new play area with safety surface and a large sandpit.

The school has places for 90 children attending each of the 2 three hour sessions. The children are divided up into three home base groups of 30 children with each team comprising of a teacher, two early years practitioners & a teaching assistant. We are now also able to offer breakfast club, tea club, 30 hours provision, full time places and funded and paying two year old provision.

The main nursery sessions work on a system of home base team taught areas while all staff are involved in planning daily and weekly. All staff are involved in record keeping, assessment and planning for the children. Each member of staff is a key worker for a small group of children in their home base.

All staff are fully involved in all aspects of the school’s development. Staff development is fully supported at the school and staff have many opportunities to attend in-service courses.