Extended Entitlement - 30 hours
How to apply

Parents are able to apply for 30 hours extended entitlement at:


You will be issued with an 11 digit number, enter this number on your child's nursery registration form. Once the form is signed and dated please email the it back to admin@slough-nursery.slough.sch.uk

On return we will contact the local authority who will check for eligibility.

Once all checks are complete the local authority will provide us with the eligibility information. We will then contact parents regarding admission for January 2018.

The following is further information provided by the local authority.

Extended entitlement information >>click here>>

If you have any question please contact the nursery via the Get in touch page >>click here>>.

Update 1st May 2019
    From September 2019:  Our core times for the 30 hours will be 9.30am –3.30pm Monday to Friday, this can be extended from 8.30am to 9.30pm should you choose however there will be a charge for the extended hour of £8.